Wine from The Netherlands is the country's best kept secret. Let's unlock it...

Within The Netherlands, there are almost 200 vineyards, producing around 1 million bottles of wine each year. Nevertheless, only few people are familiar with its rich variety of styles and tastes.  Our aim is to change that. Dutch wine is a beautiful, sustainable regional product that deserves much more attention!

Extended reviews by our experienced tasting panel. Find the best Dutch wine for every occasion.

A blog about our journey across the undiscovered world of Dutch wine.

Learn all about our grape varieties, from the famous Riesling to the less known like Solaris and Merzling.

Enjoy tailor-made wine tastings and wine-food pairings. Book us for private or business occasions.

GoDutch! Wine is an informative platform to promote and professionalize the Dutch wine market. The purpose of this platform is to inform wine professionals and wine lovers about the world of Dutch wine, to facilitate them with professional wine reviews and wine tastings and to contribute to making Dutch wine better known by the market and the public.

Let's Go Dutch!

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