Our mission and objective

GoDutch! Wine is an informative platform to promote and professionalize the Dutch wine market. Our mission is to put Dutch wines on the map for a broad (inter)national audience through an informative website, social media activity, wine tastings and wine-food events. The information is aimed at the Dutch business segment (hospitality and retail) and international trade.

The purpose of this platform is to inform wine professionals and wine lovers in the Netherlands and abroad about the world of Dutch wines and to facilitate them with professional-grade wine reviews of Dutch wines, so that they will be unambiguously comparable to alternatives. The platform has no objective to generate commercial profits, any revenues are invested in the platform.

About our wine tasting notes

The tasting notes are prepared by a small, diverse panel of experienced tasters, based on the international WSET tasting method. The tasting panel is flexible to be able to assess as many wines as possible. Approximately every 3 weeks, a blind tasting is organized in an intimate setting, where 6 to 8 wines from different vineyards in the Netherlands are tasted and discussed together. Within the panel we come to a joint conclusion that will be included on the website.

The panel consists of wine professionals, viticulturists and experienced wine tasters and is completely independent. The panel avoids any outside influence or conflict of interest. Meet the panel!

Initiated by Marieke Fijnvandraat

“My passion and enthusiasm for wine goes back many years. To learn to better understand wine, to recognize different grape varieties and regions and to learn to taste in a more professional way, I have now taken several wine-training courses (SDEN 2, SDEN 3 and WSET 3). I mainly specialized in Italian wine and have since visited many vineyards throughout Italy during my vacations.

In order to really experience the wine-making process in addition to wine tasting, I became a member of the The Hague City Vineyard in 2017. There I lease a little plot on a yearly basis. Together with an enthusiastic group of wine lovers we take care of the vineyard and produce red, white and rosé wines. In this way I became acquainted with the hidden gems of Dutch wine. A new and beautiful world has been revealed to me, one which I became very enthusiastic about! But I also discovered that only few people in my area were familiar with Dutch viticulture or had ever tasted Dutch wine. That is a pity, because it is a beautiful, sustainable regional product that deserves much more attention!

In 2019, the idea grew for me to bring Dutch wines to the attention of a wider audience to ensure that this beautiful product was given a more prominent place in Dutch hospitality and retail, and as well promote it as an export product to put our country on the map. This resulted in Go Dutch! Wine. Through this platform I hope to make a positive contribution to the reputation of Dutch wine!”

Marieke aan het werk in de wijngaard
Marieke working in The Hague City Vineyard

Affiliation and sponsoring

At GoDutch! Wine, information about Dutch wine comes first. You visit this platform to learn more about Dutch wine, to read about opportunities for companies and enthusiasts to get acquainted with Dutch wines and to bring your wines under a broader view as a winegrower. We will therefore limit advertisements to a minimum.

​Occasionally we do use affiliate links. You come across this, for example, with the wines donated to us for review by sellers or vineyards. If you buy a bottle of wine through such a link, we may occasionally receive a small fee. We are very grateful to you for that, because then we can buy a nice bottle of wine to taste, we can cover our travel costs to visit vineyards for the blog and we can maintain this site. This is how we help each other!

We strive for maximum  transparency about our sponsored items at the bottom of every review page and on our Sponsors page.

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