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Triomphe d’Alsace is a black grape variety of Franco-German origin, commonly grown in the United Kingdom. Triomphe d’Alsace was produced by Eugène Kuhlmann from about 1911 at the Institut Viticole Oberlin at Colmar in Alsace, after a series of crossings.The variety was not brought to market until 1921, by which time Alsace had been restored to France following World War I.The Triomphe d’Alsace vine is fairly vigorous and very robust, growing rapidly even in cool climates. The grapes ripen early, and often suddenly, even in cool and damp summers, although harvest may have to be postponed as late as October. the variety is not so robust against disease and can suffer from mildew if the autumn is exceptionally wet. Wine made from the Triomphe d’Alsace can vary from a very deep, almost black, purple to a rosé, depending on the method of extraction

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