GoDutch! Wine is a private non-profit initiative. We welcome sponsorship which enables us to keep this website free, independent and well maintained. Would like like to contribute to GoDutch! Wine? Please get in touch with to discuss possibilities!

Our Gold Sponsor

We are grateful to Patrick van der Fits, founder of Nederlandse Streekwijnen (‘Dutch regional wines’), who learned about the GoDutch! Wine initiative and almost immediately decided to sponsor it. Nederlandse Streekwijnen has made many of the wines available that are reviewed on this site. Our reviews of the wines are completely independent, but may inform Nederlandse Streekwijnen to adjust their wine portfolio. In return for donating the wines, the ‘Buy Wine’ button links to their website, where you can easily order the wines and have them shipped to your home.


Our wines come from specifically selected Winegrowers across the Netherlands, who work each day with passion, patience and a total respect for the environment to offer you a quality wine. We visit the vineyards, the Winegrowers, we know their challenges and successes and we support the vision and the methods of these skilled craftsmen! 

Our Wine Sponsors

We thank the following organisations for making wine(s) available to our tasting panel. Our reviews of the wines are completely independent. In return for donating the wines, the ‘Buy Wine’ button links to the sponsor’s website.

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Domaine De Brabantse Wal

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Domein Aldenborgh

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