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Discover Dutch Wine

Beukers, Mariƫlla & Vette, Irene de

Wine, from the Netherlands? Yes, there are vineyards and wine makers in the Netherlands. Since 1970 in the southern province of Limburg, and increasingly in the other provinces as well. And these wines are getting better and better. The e-book Discover Dutch Wine tells the story of nine of the best wine makers of the country, who took on the challenge of making wine in a wet climate, in a cool northwestern corner of Europe. Also, two sommeliers and a wine judge are interviewed, to relate their view of Dutch wine in the 21st century. The book explains how the Netherlands has increasingly grown into a wine country and what developments have made that possible. It also tells the history of Dutch winemaking, from Roman times until the present. The authors, two trained and certified wine specialists, further describe their experiences with the wines and give pairing suggestions. A list of the most common and successful grape varieties is included in the book. Discover Dutch Wine contains everything you always wanted to know about Dutch wine! As a bonus, the e-book contains links to several short films made by Tasty Tales. That way, getting to know Dutch vineyards is even more fun.

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