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orange wine

Blanc de Gris 2018

Our rating

8 /10
A beautifully made orange wine. We smell and taste dried yellow fruit, marmalade and a fine, smokey smell and taste of peat-fired whiskey. Nicely to combine with old cheese. This orange wine has been voted the best Orange wine in the Netherlands!
Unfortunately this year is already completely sold out..

General characteristics

Svg Vector Icons :
€ 15 – 20
Land en Boschzigt

Tasting Notes

Wine tasting: 23 Jul 2020
A clear, deep gold colored wine with medium- color intensity.
The wine has a clean, developing nose, with a medium – aroma intensity of dried yellow fruits. We smell apricot jam, marmalade and a bit of a smokey smell of brioche and peat-fired whiskey.
This orange wine is dry, with medium acidity and medium alcohol. It is medium+ bodied with a medium+ flavour intensity of dried yellow fruit and marmalade. We taste flavours of apricot, oranges, a bit of butter and the peat-fired whiskey scent can also be found in the taste of the wine.
Quality Assessment
This Orange wine is a good wine with a nice and deep taste. It has a nice balance between acidity and fruits. It is good to drink now, don’t keep it too long but it will be able develop for another year.
Disclaimer: this wine was sponsored by Nederlandse Streekwijnen


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