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sparkling wine

PUUR Brut Nature 2018

Our rating

7 /10
A pleasant and fresh aperitif with fruity and vegetal flavors and a nice minerality. The wine has a full bouquet of lemon, green and yellow fruits, green bell peppers and secondary, malolactic aromas. The bouquet of the wine promises a bit more than the taste delivers. The taste is characterized by citrus, green vegetables and minerality.

General characteristics

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€ 20+
Domaine De Brabantse Wal
GoDutch.Wine | PUUR Brut Nature Domaine De Brabantse Wal Sparkling Wine

Tasting Notes

Wine tasting: 27 Aug 2020
A clear, lemon-green colored wine with a pale color intensity and a fine petillance.
The wine has a clean nose, it is youthful with a medium+ aroma intensity of vegetal and fruity characteristics. We smell primary aromas of lemon, green apples, green grapes, green bell peppers, gooseberries and secondary, malolactic aromas.
A dry wine, with medium alcohol, medium acidity and a creamy mousse. The wine is medium-bodied with a medium flavor intensity. We taste citrus fruit, vegetal and mineral characteristics with flavors of lemon, lime, green bell pepper, green apples, stoney and steely notes and a small bitterness in the end. The length of the ending of the wine is medium-.
Quality Assessment
This is a good wine; ready to drink now but not suitable for further ageing.  Although the bouquet of the wine promises a bit more than the taste delivers, it is a pleasant and fresh aperitif.
Disclaimer: this wine was sponsored by Domaine De Brabantse Wal


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