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white wine

Koopman Wit 2018

Our rating

6 /10
A youthful, green wine with a fresh and fruity character. The palate consists of yellow apples, lemon, some green vegetables and notes of white pepper and bitter almond in its finish. When the wine is left open to breath for a few hours, it opens up and shows a clear improvement in aroma and flavour intensity. Aromas of more ripened yellow apples and hints of white pepper and almonds appear. Definitely not a high flyer, however, a wine with many faces that will show you the different parts of its character during the evening.

General characteristics

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€ <10
Wijndomein De Slootgaert

Tasting Notes

Wine tasting: 6 Feb 2020
A clear, lemon-green wine with pale color intensity and some light tears on the glass.
The wine has a clean nose. It is still youthful with a light, modest aroma intensity of fruit, herbs and vegetals. We smell citrus, yellow apple, fennel, parsley and a light hint of white pepper.
A dry wine with a medium level of alcohol and medium+ acidity. The wine is light bodied with a medium- flavor intensity. We taste fruits like red apples and lemons, some bitter almonds and a bit of white pepper in the finish. The finish is of medium length.
Quality Assessment
It is a wine of acceptable quality. It is now ready to drink and although it is still a quite youthful and green wine, we don’t expect any further improvement: it has a good level of acidity but only little fruit, which limits its potential for aging. When the wine is left open to breath for a few hours, the wine opens up and shows a clear improvement in aroma and flavor intensity.


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